3 Pack: Liquid Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal without Needles, Machines or Pain.

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New from Europe, a highly advanced hair removal formula.
Outperforms Laser & IPL treatments for permanent hair removal on the body, legs, bikini line, chest, back, arms, and face.
Works directly on the papilla, micro vasculum & cuticle structures for unmatched results.

To be applied by a professional aesthetician only.  This is a $200 to $300 service for a typical application (to both legs or a chest/abdomen region) following waxing.  3-5 applications are needed over 60 days for best results (due to hair growth cycles).

The Science: It is a well-known fact that ‘electrolysis’ permanently destroys hair follicles and is more thorough, aggressive, and reliable than Laser or IPL techniques. Lesser known is the fact that it’s not the electricity that disables the hair follicle. It’s a chemical reaction caused by the galvanic (electrical) current that changes ordinary salt water (Na+H20) into the highly corrosive alkali sodium hydroxide (NaOH). A relatively small amount of this caustic chemical is produced during the treatment (about 1-2 molecular units) but it is more than enough to permanently disable the hair follicle.

Liquid Electrolysis® contains 800 atomized molecular units (the smallest mass achievable) of NaOH per drop. It is safely suspended in a special anhydrous substrate which prevents the highly caustic NaOH from activating (until massaged down the most follicle shaft). At that time, the NaOH moves rapidly from the anhydrous suspension into a hydrous solution (becoming highly caustic). The entire process takes only about 5 minutes.

The result is substantial damage to the follicle organ (papilla, micro vasculum, capillary network & cuticle), which is achieved without the needle, electricity, machine or pain.

To begin the procedure you must first extract the desired follicle(s) by way of tweezing or waxing. A swift motion is required to make sure as much of the follicle organ (including the essential papilla matrix) is removed. This will clear the way for the Liquid Electrolysis® to deeply penetrate the empty follicle shaft. If waxing, be sure that no skin has been damaged. Open areas of the skin will allow the suspension to enter and potentially damage the epidermis. Do not use on open sores, damaged, diseased, or otherwise unhealthy skin.
Using gloves or finger cots, apply one drop of Liquid Electrolysis® per four square inches of skin (2”x2”). Massage the topical formula in a circular motion while applying downward pressure for 30 seconds. Carefully observe the skin and watch for discoloration or abnormal reactions.  Allow 5 minutes for the topical to stay on the skin then gently wipe off with an alcohol towelette.  This method of massaging the suspension into the follicle will result in 1-2 molecular units of NaOH entering the shaft and effectively treating the follicle tissues responsible for growth.  A more thorough method of applying the suspension is by way of a small vacuum apparatus (also known as a ‘cupping’ device). By creating a vacuum and then releasing that vacuum 4-6 times, you will be able to draw substantially more Liquid Electrolysis® into the deeper regions of the shaft. This method will safely transport 2-4 molecular units of NaOH into the follicle.
Pointers:  Hair grows in cycles. Only a small percentage of follicles in your client’s skin are active at any given time. If they all grew at once, humans would look like apes. For best results, follicles must be treated in the early anagen phase (see chart below). It is during this brief window of opportunity when they are highly vulnerable (in moist, shallow shafts with mature papillae). Later in the anagen phase the follicle will elongate, dry up and the papilla will go dormant (shrinking to a fraction of its original size while creating ’cornified’ exterior shell to protect itself during the Catagen & Telogen Phases). This cycle takes about 90 days and is repeated over and over. Many hairs are securely anchored in the skin but no longer growing (just being pushed out, giving the illusion of growth). These ‘Catagen’ hairs will not respond well until they re-emerge as Anagen hairs.
Regrowth: Should a hair follicle survive the original treatment, it will most likely return smaller, weaker, and lacking substantial pigment. Additional applications may be required to fully destroy the follicle. Liquid Electrolysis® can be applied as often as needed, but you should allow time for the skin to fully heal (about 10 days). Micro-scabbing (see Figure A) of the skin may occur over the treated hair follicle (as it does with regular electrolysis).  Contains: Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearth-20, Potassium Thiogylcolate, Calcium Hydroxide, Silicone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lanolin, Sodium Hydroxide, Urea, Mineral Oil, Silica, Aloe.