DM9050-VSC sistema profesional de máquina de tratamiento de venas de araña e hilo +>

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Si realmente quieres reducir los capilares de las arañas vasculares, este es tu sistema.

- reduce las arañas vasculares hasta en un 95% en 1-3 tratamientos -

+ Clinically Proven Using the Latest Technology +

Advanced Vein Treatment System - This machine is many times more powerful than other systems and achieves measurable results in as little as one session. Small veins will turn dark red (or black) following the laser application and will be noticeably smaller in 12 to 24 hours.  The vein will fade further over the next 5-7 days while the immune system removes the necrotized tissue.   Larger veins may require a series of treatments over 3-6 weeks.  Used in clinics for therapy and treatment of veins.  Very safe and effective on facial, nose, forehead, and legs.  No pain, no post-care considerations needed.

The semiconductor laser diode is rated for an impressive 5000 hours of continuous use (about 3-5 years), so you know it will last.  Laser output is delivered by a convenient thumb switch on the comfortable brushed metal module. 

Kit Includes: Laser module (150 Jmm2 808nm pinpoint beam), 1 laser power supply, 2 quantity of laser protection eyewear, 50ml Dermal Plast desensitizing gel, 50ml vein reduction gel and instructions.

Also approved for Permanent Hair Reduction, Hyper Pigment - Age Spot Removal, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Blemish Removal, Nail Fungus Treatment, and More.

Model:  DM9050-VSC.  Country/Region of Manufacture:  United States.  Power Source:  Corded Electric 110-240V.  Approved Skin Types:  All.  Product Classification:  Vein Treatment Laser.   Features:  Adjustable Intensity, Portable.  Color: Beige.  MPN:  DM9050-VSC.  Number of Settings:  2.  Item Weight/Size:  2.2 lb (1.2kg) 8X8X2 inches.  Brand:  Avance Beauty.  Labels & Certifications:  Certificate of Conformity CE, FCC, CDRH.  UPC:  642057127530.  Practitioner Insurance Requirements:  General Liability.

This is the vein treatment laser machine you have been looking for.
Start enjoying the great benefits of the DM90500-VSC today!

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