Hyper Pigmentation Laser Treatment Machine, Salon System for Age Spots +>

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The SDL80 Professional Laser Hyperpigment Reduction Machine.
- Reduces unwanted pigment, veins, tattoos, wrinkles, hair and more. -
+ rebuilds skin tone & texture for a radiant youthful appearance +

The SDL-80 is a proven commodity in the industry of laser cosmetology. Maximum power output is 220 joules per cm2/second (20-30 joules per pulse) 80,000mW QCW, 800-810nm. The SDL80 has a very efficient 20mm wide beam with a pulse duration of 70ms. Pulse frequency is user adjustable up to 7 emissions per second.

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Powerful, Versatile, and Affordable Laser Technology

The SDL80 Pigment Reduction Kit Comes With: Professional Diode Laser Hand Piece 220jcm2 energy density (fluence), key lockout safety switch, laser 'enabled' system status LED, adjustable intensity, 2 pair of laser protection eyewear, 50ml carbon dye gel, 100ml of 3% lidocaine pre-treatment gel, 50ml of TCA post treatment gel, tweezers, and instructions.

The Standard Output Diode Laser System has a very comfortable and versatile hand piece. A powerful 5cfm positive displacement micro-fan keeps the semiconductor cool during usage, which increases the power, performance, and overall life-expectancy of the laser.  The SDL-80 Diode Laser System is specifically designed to deliver highly concentrated photon energy directly through the skin, thereby targeting hair follicle melanocytes or photo-reactive dyes.

Each power pulse has an effective treatment area of 1cm wide and feels like a brief pinch. Very few patients would describe the procedure as 'painful'.  Laser light with the wavelength of 600 to 900 nm (nanometer) passes through human tissue with very little loss of intensity resulting in better short and long-term pigment reduction.

Model:  SDL80-HPG.  Energy Density (fluence): 220 jcm2/sec. maximum (22-30 jcm2/pulse).  Features:  Adjustable Intensity, Portable.  Product Classification:  Laser Skin Care System.    Pulse Frequency: User adjustable from 1, 3, 7 pulses/second.  Pulse Duration: Factory Preset 70ms.  Beam Size and Shape: 20 mm line optics  Treatment Time for Moustache:  3 minutes.  Approved Skin Types:  All.  PDF Instructions: Link Brand:  Avance Beauty.   Video Instructions: Download.  Topical Acc. Data Sheets:  123.    Color: Beige.  MPN:  SDL80-HPG.    Certificate of Conformity:  FCC, CDRH, CE.  Country/Region of Manufacture:  United States.   Power Source:  Corded Electric 110-240V.  Controller Size: 6" H x 8" W x12" L (13cm x 18cm x 25cm).  Weight: 7lbs (3kg).  UPC: 723503061452. Practitioner Insurance Requirements:  General Liability.

This is the professional laser system you have been looking for.

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Approved For: Hyper Pigment - Age Spot Removal. Scar Reduction, Varicose Vein Reduction, Permanent Hair Reduction, Skin Toning, Body Sculpting, Photo Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Scar - Stretch Mark Reduction, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Blemish (mole, wart, skin tag) Removal, Nail Fungus Treatment and More. These treatment options are covered in the literature sent with the system.

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Warranty Information:  To the original purchaser, the above item will arrive without damage or defect in material or workmanship. Should your system arrive damaged or in otherwise incomplete/unacceptable condition please refer to the RMA Warranty Repair Card in your instruction packet to expedite the return. This warranty is valid for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase. ^Additional years may be purchased for up to 5 years. Refer to the warranty registration card included with your packet for more information or click this link.  Guaranteed Utility Compatibility.  110-240 Volts.  All kits are sent with corresponding input voltage, hertz and plug style for the country of destination. If you have special requirements, please note them in the checkout section of your purchase.