Skin Toning, Face Lifting Device, LED IPL Machine, Best Home System.

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This is the professional Skin Toning machine you have been looking for. Put it to work at your salon, medispa or establishment today!

Dermal Skin Toning and Tightening system but can be used for a wide variety of treatments.

Works on 110-240 Volts, Global Compatibility Guaranteed.

This Laser treatment system is to be used for Dermal Skin Toning and Tightening. Filtering optics limit wavelength to 640-780nm. Comes with beauty treatment machine, protective eye wear, instructions, and 6 oz supply of Skin Toning filtering gel. This system is approved for: body toning, firming, facial, neck, eyelid. Also improves sagging skin, helps anti-aging, and cellulite control. This is a non surgical system that is best to use at home, in salons, clinics, or medispas.


Everything you have always wanted in a professional Photo-Toning System for advanced skin care. Fast setup, easily adjustable, uncomplicated design.

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