System elektrolizy AVX400 Maszyna do trwałego usuwania włosów

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Jeśli poważnie myślisz o depilacji bezigłowej elektrolizy, to jest twój system.
Profesjonalne wyniki w niedrogiej maszynie do użytku w salonie.

If you are serious about no-needle electrolysis hair removal, this is your system.

Professional results in an affordable salon use machine.

Permanently destroys unwanted follicles and hair growth in 2-3 treatments.

Works on all hair colors and types.

This system is a great choice for serious-minded home users and comes standard with all transdermal electrolysis supplies. For salon and professional use as well. Fully programmable economy unit. This system comes standard with all transdermal electrolysis supplies..  Kit Includes:  Single output home use unit. Capable of tweezer, clip, swab, and patch transdermal procedures. All essential supplies are included with instructions and the textbook 'Professional Electrolysis Guide to Transdermal".

90 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fast Setup, Easily Adjustable, Uncomplicated Design.

Fully-adjustable precision electrolysis power system comes with all of the following features:
--Precision jeweled panel meter, 120 Volt or 220 Volt input, five wall plug options, and a 1 year total coverage warranty.
--Safety features: Auto calibrated 5000uA maximum with overload protection. 100% DC
--Electrical Output Range: 300K to 22,000K µV (10V-6).
--Intensity, Output Range: 0.01-5,000mA (0-100 ω)(10A-3).
Deluxe Transcutaneous Electrolysis Accessory Kit: (contains all items shown). One pair of double-shielded galvanic tweezers, 1X4 inch stainless steel anode with attachment assembly, long-life chamois swab electrode, 1 hands-free electrode clip, 1 easy-connect patch electrode assembly (pigtail lead), one reusable 4X4 inch deluxe patch (20 adhesions average per patch), two reusable 2X2 inch deluxe patches, four reusable 1X1 inch deluxe patches, 3 Oz. supply of high viscosity electrolyte gel, 2 Oz. supply of low viscosity (thin) electrolyte gel and the Transcutaneous Textbook "Cosmetologist's Guide to Transcutaneous and Conventional Electrolysis". All in one convenient, ready-to-use kit.

This kit will perform all of the Transcutaneous Electrolysis procedures including: galvanic patch, swab, tweezers, and clip applications. Gel and electrolyte quantity sent in the kit is sufficient for 3 months of use for the average customer.

Warranty Information:  To the original purchaser, the above item will arrive without damage or defect in material or workmanship. Should your system arrive damaged or in otherwise incomplete/unacceptable condition please refer to the warranty repair card in your instruction packet to expedite the return.  This warranty is valid for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase.  Additional years may be purchased for $9.95 each up to 5 years.  Refer to the warranty card included with your instruction packet for more information.

Guaranteed Worldwide Utility Compatibility.  110-240 Volts.  All kits are sent with the corresponding input voltage, hertz, and plug style for the country of destination.  If you have special requirements please make a note of them in the checkout section of your purchase.