Termólisis flash multifunción: sistema de depilación permanente con electrólisis de mezcla galvánica +>

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Termólisis flash: galvánica y térmica. Sistema de electrólisis de mezcla.

- para obtener resultados consistentes y Depilación permanente confiable, nada supera a la electrólisis -

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Our Deluxe Kit with High Output Driver: 24kuv output Flash Thermolysis - Blend Galvanic professional unit provides excellent results for permanent hair removal. This kit comes with additional supplies including Follicle Mark and Glide (highlights the follicle opening for easier probe insertion and lubricates), pre-treatment Dermal Plast (desensitizing gel) and post-treatment healing gel. The Deluxe Kit also includes more electrolysis probes than the standard kit for your convenience.   24kuv output Flash Thermolysis - Blend Galvanic professional unit provides excellent results for permanent hair removal. Choose from Three Modes: Galvanic, Blend, and Flash Thermolysis.  6 Intensity Settings. Programmable Timer. Start the treatment with foot switch or by the convenient mini-switch on the stylus holder.

Outstanding for the professional Salon & Medispa setting. 

Deluxe Kit Includes: Adjustable 50-300mA (0-100ω)(10A-3), 24,000kuV of output intensity galvanic with 27.125, 3W Flash Thermolysis Mode, probe stylus, anode, 6 Oz. of conductivity gel anode prep, foot switch, 5 sterile disposable probes (.002 S), 5 sterile disposable probes (.003 R), 1-year total coverage warranty (additional years are available), and Complete instructions.  

This is the Flash Thermolysis Electrolysis System you have been looking for.

Put it to work at your Salon or Medispa today!

Model:  Electrolyse Automatique RFDX.  Country/Region of Manufacture:  United States.  Power Source:  Corded Electric 110-240V.  Approved Skin Types:  All.  Product Classification:  Electrolysis Hair Removal System.   Features:  Adjustable Intensity, Comes With Foot Switch, Portable.  Color: Beige.  MPN:  ELEC-RFDX.  Number of Settings:  6.  Item Weight/Size:  6 lb (3.2kg) 12X8X6 inches.  Brand:  Avance Beauty.  Labels & Certifications:  Certificate of Conformity CE, FCC.  UPC:  651044473802.

90 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Warranty Information:  To the original purchaser, the above item will arrive without damage or defect in material or workmanship. Should your system arrive damaged or in otherwise incomplete/unacceptable condition please refer to the RMA Warranty Repair Card in your instruction packet to expedite the return. This warranty is valid for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase. ^Additional years may be purchased for up to 5 years. Refer to the warranty registration card included with your packet for more information or click this link.  Guaranteed Utility Compatibility.  110-240 Volts.  All kits are sent with corresponding input voltage, hertz, and plug style for the country of destination. If you have special requirements, please note them in the checkout section of your purchase.

How Many Treatments Does It Take? Many hairs will be eliminated with only one treatment, but some will need two or more treatments to achieve permanency. Electrolysis involves a series of treatments over a period of 1-3 months. The overall length of time depends on the amount of hair, its coarseness, and the cause of the excess hair, but once the dermal papilla has been eliminated, the hair is dead and will not grow again.

Is Electrolysis Painful? Electrolysis rarely causes discomfort. If it does, adjustments can be made to the machine which will totally eliminate any sensation (although the length of the treatment will be increased proportionately). The sensation is less than in tweezing. Most patienelectrolysis probe insertion demonstrationts are surprised as they expect to feel much more. Some patients even relax enough to fall asleep.

Is it Hard or Painful to Insert the Needle?  No, the insertion of the electrolysis probe is much easier and far less intimidating than most people believe.  The "needle" is actually a blunt-ended, highly flexible probe that never pierces the skin. There is no blood (or pain) involved. It slides effortlessly down a pre-existing shaft, like a hand into a glove.