Galvanic Face & Eye Lift Wrinkle Reduction, Tummy Tuck Machine Microdermabrasion

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12,000uV output economy unit. Ideal for home use galvanic facial treatments. Now you can have the results of advanced surgical face lift procedures without the surgery.

The Beauty Ion Pro Traveler is a small portable galvanic machine which can give you a refreshing facial 'maintenance' treatment within 20 minutes, at home or 'on the go'.

This easily adjustable unit can provide results equivalent to the professional units (Ion Pro Standard and Deluxe Models) but requires 2-3 times the overall investment of treatment minutes (40-60 for a complete aggressive facial).  It is generally intended as an 'in between' or maintenance application (as compared to the Beauty Ion Pro Professional Line) and is a must-have for anyone who is serious about anti-aging skin care.

Galvanic Skin Technology Explained:  The Beauty Ion Pro machine emits safe high frequency electric currents through the anode (+) and the cathode (-). These positive and negative currents stimulate regenerative processes in the skin for a healthy, youthful appearance.  The galvanic technology used by the Beauty Ion Pro has been scientifically recognized to improve the skin by reducing fine lines and sagging skin. Results can be seen in as little as one treatment. Continual applications over several weeks will result in better looking and natural skin.

Over 10 years with a Proven Track Record in Europe!  Who Should Use this Product?  Women 20 +, who are noticing their first signs of aging (such as fine lines, crows feet and sagging) and men 30 + who are seeing a loss of youth.   This one product is outstanding for early preventative anti-aging care for both men and women. 

Standard Kit Includes: 5000ua 12,000uV galvanic skin toning controller, galvanic wand, standard 1 inch facial treatment head, 2 oz. supply of high viscosity electrolyte gel, 2 oz. supply of Serum C/K treatment gels and complete easy-to-follow instructions.  The ultimate package for supreme self confidence.