IPL850aDX CBA Pulsed Light Epilation and Tattoo Removal System

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The IPL-850aDX is the most advanced and sophisticated system on the market due to the addition of Photon Absorption Feedback Metering (PFM). This feature makes the delivery of large amounts of photon energy safe, even for novices. The IPL-850aDX actually monitors the total energy which actually makes it through the skin and limits that energy to a pre-set value.

This system is also excellent for general dermatology procedures, age spot removal, wrinkle reduction, hair removal, laser resurfacing and more.

  • Fast, easy and convenient for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair.
  • Quality construction, 1 year warranty included.
  • Equipment Comes With The Following

    Professional IPL Hand Piece 220jcm2 energy density (fluence), key lockout safety switch, IPL 'enabled' system status LED, adjustable intensity, 2 pair of IPL protection eyewear, 150ml carbon dye gel, 150ml of 3% pre-treatment gel, 150ml of anti-androgen post treatment gel, tweezers and instructions.