IPL750 Photorejuvenation System 505-670nm Beauty Treatment Kit Including Machine, Instructions

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To be used for Photorejuvenation but the system can be used for a wide variety of treatments. Comes with beauty treatment machine, protective eyewear, instructions. 6 oz supply of photo rejuvenation treatment filtering gel. At home, anti aging, facial, rejuvenation photofacial.

Everything you have always wanted in a professional Photo-Rejuvenation System for dermatology and professional skin care. Fast Setup, Easily Adjustable, Uncomplicated Design.

  • To be used for photorejuvenation and collagen stimulation.
  • Salon, anti aging, facial, rejuvenation photofacial.
  • Salon and Medipsa Quality Equipment.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Works on 110-240 Volts, Global Compatibility Guaranteed.