PR85 Professional Non Laser Machine for Permanent Hair Removal, Chin Legs Chest Back.

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High-Output shortwave epilator. This unit is a more powerful version of the Epitron 45. Treatment time per hair is substantially less, which makes it ideal for the busy salon or professional.

Ultra High Power Radio Frequency Tweezers Epilator:  Fast treatments, outstanding results, quality construction and user friendliness all in one affordable package! This system is perfect for professional salon use or private home use. A high output dual phase intentional shortwave radiator produces 40-60 times more power than most home units.

The PR85 tweezer applicator is comfortable and easy to operate (which substantially reduces operator fatigue).  Average treatment time per follicle is an incredible three to five seconds.  Kit includes a one year total coverage unconditional warranty, 6 silver chloride ionizing pre treatment kits and instructions.

Complete Professional Use System Includes: 1 PR85 radio frequency shortwave intentional radiator, 1 pair of precision rF tweezers, 6 shortwave pre treatment Kits (300ml of silver chloride ionizing gel) and easy to follow instructions. This system is suitable for both salon and private use.