PR85M Salon Pro Painless Hair Removal Non Laser IPL System Electrolysis Machine Kit .

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Multiple-output salon unit. The addition of four sub-channels allow for the use of micro-clips. This makes the system very efficient requiring less operator involvement.

The PR85M has four 0.2422 dBW sub channels, which allows for hands free rF clip applications. Just set the clips and apply power. You may safely leave the room to work with other clients without the risk of over treating like what sometimes occurs with Transdermal electrolysis. When the shortwave no needle treatment is finished, the hair will pull out effortlessly on its own by the weight of the clip.

Although high power levels of shortwave radiation (over 0.6125) produce adequate thermolysis to permanently destroy hair follicles in under than 5 seconds, lower levels can be just as effective if allowed a full 15-30 seconds.

That is why the hands free clip procedure of the PR85M is ideal for the beauty salon. Simply affix the micro clips to four hairs then either attend to another client or use the high power tweezer applicator to swiftly destroy additional hairs.  No more plucking!

Included: One PR85M Shortwave Intentional Radiator, one high-precision RF tweezers, four hands free shortwave treatment clips, 10 shortwave pre treatment kits (500ml of silver chloride ionizing gel) and step by step instructions.