Salon Medispa Deluxe Electrolysis Machine Permanent Body & Facial Hair Removal System.

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24kuv high output deluxe. Ideal for the busy salon or Doctor's office. This is one of the most effective machines on the market for the guaranteed and permanent removal of hair.

A full 25% more power than the standard Electrolysis Epilator with flash blend integration. This is quite simply the best electrolysis package available anywhere. Precision engineered with quality components means it will last a lifetime.

The Électrolyse Automatique Deluxe produces a full 24,000 kµV of  intensity, making it one of the most powerful electrolysis machines on the market. With all of that power, one may ask how patient comfort is effected. Patient comfort is outstanding. Instead of a rapid surge of blend tone energy (which  is common for most epilators) Électrolyse increases intensity gently over a longer time-span, 0.1 to 0.5 seconds, automatically.

This system can be easily programmed for output intensity and time. It can also be activated by a convenient foot switch.

Complete Deluxe Electrolysis Salon Use System Includes: Precision electrolysis system: Adjustable 300-2,500 µA (0-100ω, 10A-3), needle stylus, metal anode, 6 Oz. of electrolysis conductivity gel for anode prep, one foot switch, 15 sterile disposable *Sterex brand probes (0.003 R), a 1 year complete warranty (additional years are available), and easy to follow instructions.  *Equipment is compatible with all major-brand electrolysis probes.